Non Profit Groups

We are skilled in many aspects of organizational and school development and offer technical expertise with the goal of enhancing the effectiveness of the organization to meet its mission. We offer the following services:

Non-profit Organization Assessment & Strategy Development
We will work with you and your staff to to build the capacity needed to carry out your mission. Assess readiness, conduct a diagnostic assessment, formalize strategies, establish an objective picture of the organization’s current strengths and areas needing improvement, and make recommendations

Fund Development
Our consultants will review your current strategies and analyze your current financial outlook, evaluate the current climate, and make recommendations taking in consideration both your strategic goals as well as, your financial goals.

Grant Writing
We offer grant research and proposal writing as a fund development strategy to meet your mission.

Program Development
We understand that sometimes organizations have to adapt quickly to their environments and we will assess your organization’s capacity and desire and co-create space to help you develop quality, sustainable programming to meet the needs of your constituency.

Borrowed Executive
Take advantage of our human capital by allowing our experienced non-profit executive-level staff the opportunity to advance your mission while you take your time in your hiring search.